Heat pumps: 3 more advantages

Energy efficiency isn’t the only reason to install a heat pump in your home or business. more

‘Water hammer’ beats a system badly

Don’t ignore unusually noisy clanging and banging in your steam pipes. more

When furnace temps don’t match

You set the thermostat at a certain temperature, but the furnace never seems to generate enough heat to match your chosen temp. Instead, the furnace stops for a while. more

What a furnace checkup gets you

When you consider a furnace check-up, be sure to ask what it includes, and get it in writing.

An in-depth furnace inspection will examine all furnace parts – thermostat, filters, ignition switch and more. more

Why commercial boilers struggle

Commercial boilers are durable, capable of providing steady, worry-free service.


Here are some of the most common causes and fixes for commercial boilers. more

Boiler leak? Solutions here

Boiler leaks can be caused by a variety of factors.

One reason is the nature of a boiler, which constantly heats and cools. This frequent contraction and expansion may lead to a stress fracture and a leak. more

Know your MERV

This four-letter acronym is your key to understanding the strength of air filters, which are vital to heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values,. more

Check furnace for fire safety

One more reason to have your furnace inspected and cleaned: Fire safety.

A professional furnace technician will examine wiring, the heat exchanger and other components that may be weakening due to normal wear and tear. You also might have a hazard if dirt, grease and debris have infiltrated your system. more

Tune up HVAC now And sleep more easily

That’s a big benefit of having periodic maintenance of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

You can rest assured that Lighthouse technicians will check the HVAC system from top to bottom, making sure parts are clean and functioning in optimal order.  more

Time to change HVAC systems?

Energy prices usually are in the lead when inflation hits us, so you may want to decide if you should replace your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system with something newer and far more efficient. more