Help your HVAC. Insulate.

You may be able to keep a lid on heating and cooling costs by adding insulation to your property. Insulating your furnace is a smart way to reduce heating costs and reduce the system’s workload. more

Smart HVAC is ideal for New Yorkers

Sensors, smart thermostats and other technological improvements will help New Yorkers weather all four seasons economically and comfortably. more

Beware sediment in the water heater

Tankless water heaters and conventional water heaters have an enemy in common: sediment. That’s the stuff that settles to the bottom of a container of liquid. more

Pilot light woes on older furnace?

The old-time standing pilot light is being phased out in favor of electronic ignitions. In the new system, electricity heats the ignition rather than a match. This gas-powered ignition ends the hassle of older pilot lights, which can blow out for a variety of reasons. more

When frequent furnace cycling is bad

If the weather is cold, it’s probably OK that your furnace frequently turns on and off. That means it’s keeping up with your thermostat’s demand for adequate heat. more

A thicker furnace filter lasts longer

Your furnace filter pays two big benefits, so you want it to be in good shape.

The filter prevents contamination from entering the furnace and it prevents airborne contaminants from penetrating your indoor air. more