Heating Repair

Heating Repair

Here at Lighthouse HVAC we strive to deliver only the best heating repair services to our clients!
Lighthouse has been a renowned heating contractor for decades and we believe in growth through the excellence!
Any type of heating work can be handled by our professional heating installation and repair experts in Brooklyn, New York.


What is a heating contractor?

A heating contractor can diagnose a faulty boiler, coax another year out of an aging furnace, install central heat, fix gas burners and repair a hot water heater.


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What’s involved in heating repair?

The best contractor will know the variety of heating systems and be able to accurately explain to you, the customer, what your options are. The choices include repair, maintain and replace, giving you the details you want for making the best decision for your family and your wallet.


Lighthouse HVAC is staffed with authorities on heating, ventilation and air conditioning. They have been trained and, more importantly, they have years of experience solving problems with the varied heating systems of Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

Our locally owned company is licensed and insured. We respond 24/7 to your emergency calls and we guarantee our work.

Lighthouse offers maintenance plans. A certified technician periodically checks your heating system, cleaning and oiling it as necessary, replacing old weakening components, and nipping problems in the bud.

You can’t go wrong with a heating repair company like this.

Call us: 718-568-7562


Boiler and “combi-boiler” repair

Boilers, like other heating equipment, are taken for granted until they break down or struggle to do their job. Then we want them fixed as quickly as possible. That’s human nature.


Call Lighthouse. We will soon get your boiler heating your home or business. We’re veteran heating contractors, so we know where to look for the cause of any problem.

• If you lose heat, the problem could be in the thermostat, diaphragm, a valve or airlock.

• If your boiler is leaking, we have several suspects – starting with a broken seal, a malfunctioning part or rising pressure. A leak can lead to a drop in pressure or a broken valve.

• Unusual gurgling and banging in the boiler are signs of low water pressure, pump failure or “kettling,” a term for an accumulation of unwanted residue on the heat exchanger.

The same issues apply to combi-boilers, shorthand for combination boilers. They provide heat and hot water, too.


We have the staff to handle all these problems and more. Lighthouse technicians are punctual and friendly, and customers give them great reviews for their work.

Our company’s main office is in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, giving us quick access to residential and commercial calls in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Long Island.


Furnace repair

Maybe your furnace is getting old. Furnaces generally last 16-20 years, depending on how often frequently they are used and how well they are maintained.


Or the furnace is making strange noises.

Or you have to keep raising the thermostat to get the room temperature where you want it.

Our technicians can find the problem and repair it as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Today’s gas furnaces are much more energy-efficient than older models, but they require a skilled person to understand how the parts work together and what may be wrong. A gas furnace includes a temperature control, a furnace control board, an ignition switch, a draft-induced fan, burners, a heat exchange and other components.

And gas furnaces vary. The non-condensing model vents exhaust gases from the house; the condensing furnace has two heat exchanges -– one to heat the air; and a modulating gas furnace keeps the temperature steady by continuously regulating the amount of fuel burned.

Yet we have all this information in our heads and on our phones, and we love to share it with customers.

Our vehicles carry many HVAC parts, so we arrive at your home ready to work. (We know you hate it when the repairman says, “Oh, I have to go back to the warehouse to get some parts.”)


Installation tips

Call us before you replace your existing system. Just as you might seek a second opinion on a medical issue, you can benefit from a second opinion on your heating, ventilation and AC.


We can tell you about the pros and cons of every brand, and we can help you make sure you are picking the right size of heater or HVAC system.

Proper installation includes many factors:

• What’s the size of the building and the layout? One story? Two stories?
• How about your lifestyle – size of family, do you use all the rooms all the time, etc. Are you night owls or day people?
• The siting (does the home face east to get the morning sun, for instance?)
• Does it have a skylight or tall windows that let in warmth?
• Your preferred budget.
• Will energy savings of a new system outweigh the cost of repairing the current heater?
• Does the duct system need repairs or is it in good shape?

We can help you with electric heaters, heat pumps, mini-split systems, whole-house heating systems, gas furnaces and more.

We can help you find a system that hits your desired price point, needs little upkeep, and holds the line on energy costs. This includes calculating the plusses and minuses of new, more energy-efficient systems that cost you money now but will recoup most of your cost via cheaper utility bills.

Above all, you want a company that is clear about its proposal, puts everything in writing, and stands behind its work! That’s Lighthouse. We guarantee it!


More heat help. Warranty work, too!

Hire Lighthouse and you will get a versatile team able to handle repair, maintenance and installation of many other heating types. We handle the gamut of heating choices powered by electricity, natural gas, oil, propane, coal and liquefied petroleum gas.


Our techs are certified in HVAC specialties, and we are authorized to work on manufacturers’ warranties, more proof that we know what we are doing.


Forced air furnace

Gas, electricity or oil can power a forced air furnace, which transfers air through ducts to the house. This system runs well, especially if it is cleaned regularly.




Ductless mini-splits were pioneered in Japan and are very popular in Europe where old buildings pose challenges for heating and cooling? (Sound like your Brooklyn brownstone or your Manhattan pre-war building?)


They have become more common in New York as people see their advantages include energy efficiency and versatility when it comes to specific spaces like spare rooms, garages and offices. And they don’t need ducts, which can leak or be dislodged over time.

We maintain and install ductless mini-splits. We specialize in Fujitsu and Mitsubishi models, always ranked among the top performers.


Heat Pumps

Many units are powered by heat pumps, which take air from outside and heat it or cool it as you wish. Their drawback: They struggle when outside temperatures hit the 30s.



Water Heaters

We install electric, natural gas and propane water heaters -– tank-less and traditional. We follow the latest codes to carefully install components, and we haul away the old water heater for you.


You are smart to analyze the pros and cons of tank-less and traditional water heaters. The short version: Tank-less water heaters cost significantly more money, but they take up less space, provide hot water immediately, and they are more energy efficient.

Call us and we will help you calculate the choice best for your wallet and your family. We don’t take a “one size fits all” approach.


Ducts need care

Ductwork requires periodic cleaning to maximize your system’s efficiency. We inspect and clean ductwork, looking for leaks that let your heated air escape, making your system work harder and shortening its life.



Help your system yourself

Be sure to check filters monthly and clean or replace them when they get dirty. Filters capture mites, debris and particles, but when they get too full of dirt, they hurt the system’s efficiency and drive up your energy bill.



Beware of online HVAC deals

Online companies may offer tantalizing prices for new heating equipment, but think before you buy. Who will install the equipment, and who will be around to repair or maintain it if something goes wrong?


It’s much better to hire an established company with a track record in the community, a local company that you can deal with face to face if you choose. Come by and see us. We’re right here n Brooklyn, at 2403 East 22nd Street


Look for Lighthouse

Our job is to help you. Call us and see how we make your heating problem as painless as possible. Our number is 718-568-7562, and we are available for your emergencies 24/7