Inverter AC is best for long term

Inverter AC is best for long term

If you have the money, go with an inverter air-conditioning system, which will repay you with lower electricity bills and a longer life.

However, if you plan to sell your home soon, the non-inverter will be less of an investment and save you some upfront money.

That, in essence, is the consensus of advice about the two systems.


What’s what?
The inverter AC is a smart AC addition, able to raise and lower the temperature independently.

The non-inverter is simpler, turning on to cool an area, then switching off when the desired temperature is reached. This frequent on-off action requires lots of electricity – i.e. higher utility bills – and can shorten a system’s life.

If energy efficiency is what you want, then the inverter is your No. 1 choice. The inverter can keep the temperature constant by delivering the number you desire.

This means it uses much less energy, which leads to significantly lower bills and a rewarding payback on the higher purchase price. You also are doing Mother Earth a good turn by using less energy.


Pocketbook issue

Your choice probably will depend on your budget, so ask a veteran HVAC contractor to walk you through the pros and cons and a look at prices. Then you will have more insight into whichever system you choose.


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