Check HVAC before buying a home

Yes, the roof, the carpeting and the kitchen backsplash are important, but don’t overlook the HVAC when you’re shopping for a home.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning is expensive, so you want to have an idea how the system will deliver if you buy this property. more

7 reasons you’re hot and humid

If the AC isn’t making your home as cool and comfortable as you want, the system has a problem.

Sometimes you can solve it yourself and sometimes you need a professional technician. more

Trade gas furnace for heat pump?

Yes, you can replace a gas furnace with a heat pump and come out ahead, especially considering safety and long-term savings. more

Need AC relief? Consider the mini…

A ductless mini-split air conditioner can solve a lot of problems when it comes to cooling and heating your home or business. more

4 signs your HVAC air blower is dying

Little or no air flow?
Electrical bills unusually high?
Odd sounds? more

Don’t get caught with your AC down

July may seem far off, but don’t wait to get your air conditioning system in order.

July is generally the hottest month of the year in New York City – 90 degrees or more on about half the days. Oh, and it’s humid, too. more