A thicker furnace filter lasts longer

A thicker furnace filter lasts longer

Your furnace filter pays two big benefits, so you want it to be in good shape.

The filter prevents contamination from entering the furnace and it prevents airborne contaminants from penetrating your indoor air.

How often you change the furnace filter depends on usage of the furnace, plus how many people – and pets with dander – live there. Dander, dust, allergens, tobacco smoke and other contaminants can clog a filter and make it useless, so changes are needed when the filter gets dirty

You have a huge selection of furnace filters to consider. Generally speaking, thicker filters require fewer changes than thinner filters. Be sure to check the filter’s “MERV” rating – minimum efficiency reporting value.

A 5-inch or 6-inch filter can work well for nine to 12 months, while a 1-inch or 2-inch filter needs replacement after one to three months. Filters also come in 3-inch and 4-inch sizes.

Don’t hesitate to change a dirty filter. Otherwise you are causing the system to work harder, which will cost you higher energy bills and shorten the furnace’s life expectancy.

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