Smart HVAC is ideal for New Yorkers

Smart HVAC is ideal for New Yorkers

Sensors, smart thermostats and other technological improvements will help New Yorkers weather all four seasons economically and comfortably.

This trend in heating, ventilation and air conditioning will grow in 2024 as business-owners and homeowners seek new ways to optimize their energy usage.

Some benefits of artificial intelligence for HVAC:

• A smart phone enables the property-owner to raise and lower temperatures remotely.

• Motion sensors help adjust the thermostat setting by counting the number of people in the room.

• Controllers and computers offer sophisticated monitoring of HVAC usage.

• Smart, timely adjustment of temperatures will improve your control of utility costs, which helps both you and the environment.

• Occupants and customers benefit, too. Good indoor air quality, for example, makes your home or business more attractive.

• Smart systems add security and peace of mind because they are equipped with sensors that shut down the HVAC in an emergency.

Lighthouse techs can handle all sorts of modern technology, yet they have an old-fashioned work ethic. They arrive at appointments on time, ready to work.