Ductless mini-splits improve life

Do you want to add heat or AC to a garage, a spare room, a sunroom, or a space that just never seems comfortable?
A mini-split air conditioner and heater may be a smart solution.  more

Why your home is too humid

Maybe it’s the humidity and not the heat, that is detracting from your summer. There are several factors that can cause humidity in your home to climb uncomfortably, and your air-conditioning system may be one of them. The AC system’s job includes dehumidifying your home, so you should not feel clammy. more

Problems with AC condensate pans

A poet should write a loving ode to the condensate pan, a humble and inexpensive but important part of your air conditioning system.
How important? If the pan fills with water, your AC system can shut down or your home may sustain water damage. more

Prepare AC system for hot summer

All seven of the warmest years on record have been the last seven years, and 19 of the 20 warmest years have occurred since 2000. more

7 Most Common Commercial HVAC Problems

How to avoid the unlucky 7, solve problems and save money

Airflow, refrigerant, leaks and obstructions are just a few of the problems that can confront a building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. more

How to find a heating contractor

Tips on heating and air conditioning in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Long Island

The heating contractor always looks good to you when your heater dies in the dead of winter and he fixes your problem.
But he will look even better if he periodically checks your heating system during the winter and cleans it during the summer to keep breakdowns from happening. more