Why your home is too humid

Why your home is too humid

Maybe it’s the humidity, and not the heat, that is detracting from your summer.

There are several factors that can cause humidity in your home to climb uncomfortably, and your air-conditioning system may be one of them. The AC system’s job includes dehumidifying your home, so you should not feel clammy.

Some other causes of excessive humidity: plants, humidifiers, stored firewood, plumbing leaks, unvented gas appliances, outside air during humid weather, damp soil under basements and crawlspaces, according to the University of Minnesota Extension Service, which studies humidity.

AC and humidity

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•In some cases, your AC system may be slowed by accumulations of particles and other dirt that slow its operation and let humidity creep up on you.

•Dirt can also freeze the coils and halt or impede operations.

•In the worst-case scenario, your system may be too big for your home or business.

With heating, ventilation and air conditioning, bigger isn’t always better. An oversized system can promote humidity. That’s because a too-large compressor will run for short periods -- not long enough to remove all the humidity.

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