Ductless mini-splits improve life

Ductless mini-splits improve life

Do you want to add heat or AC to a garage, a spare room, a sunroom or a space that just never seems comfortable?

A mini-split air conditioner and heater may be a smart solution.

The indoor unit, which can be placed on the floor, ceiling or wall, doesn’t require expensive ducts. (The compressor is outside.)

This system easily cools or heats a room, perhaps one that lacks any heating or cooling, or a kitchen or nursery that needs an extra hand.

The experienced technicians at Lighthouse HVAC will help you determine your options, which depend on your home’s cooling and heating needs.

The upside

Mini-splits are increasingly common in older buildings that are being renovated. Mini-splits are powerful yet small enough to fit into nooks and crannies and make unusual spaces much more useable.

They’re relatively easy to install, and they deliver cool or warm air to only one specific area, unlike a central system, which serves all rooms at the same time, whether occupied or not.

Modern technology pays big benefits. A mini-split can be programmed remotely; some models can adjust the temperature simply by detecting if anyone is in the room or not!

They’re also much quieter and more energy-efficient than the window units and portable AC units many New Yorkers still use. They cool areas much larger than any portable unit or window unit can.

The downside

They are far more expensive than a window unit or a portable unit -- $3,000 or more. And mini-split units aren’t particularly attractive, although neither are window or portable units.

However mini-splits will add significantly to your comfort, and they will be a nice added attraction if you decide to sell your home.

The best?

Wirecutter, a product review website owned by The New York Times Company, recently studied numerous mini-split systems.

 “We found four leading brands in our research: MitsubishiElectricFujitsuLGDaikin, and Panasonic (and a handful of smaller names, like Mirage).”
The study looked at “warranty, aesthetic options, smart features, and other factors that would make a meaningful impact if we were shopping for ourselves.”

Lighthouse technicians are experts at installing and servicing mini-split units. And we guarantee our work!

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