Window AC units worth looking into for NYC residents

Window AC units worth looking into for NYC residents

Window AC units worth looking into for NYC residents

Are you feeling too much heat?

A window air-conditioner will bring cool relief to a room if you’re baking in Brooklyn, steaming in Queens or melting in Manhattan. It will improve the quality of your life, whether the house has no AC at all or its central AC unit is struggling to cool the house.

Best of all, we install, service and remove and store window units. This means when cooler weather comes, we will stash your unit and you will regain your windowsill. You will thrill to the chill and enjoy the ease of dealing with Light House, a full-service HVAC company serving New York City and Long Island!

Size it right
One key to an effective window AC unit: Get the right size for the area being cooled. We will measure your room and tell you what size unit is best for the square footage.

Other factors to consider when selecting a size:
• How many people will share the room?
• Is the window in direct sunlight much of the day?
• Does the room have high ceilings?
• How big are the doorways into other spaces that may welcome the cool air.

Window issues
We can help you whether it’s a unit for a standard window or for a casement window –- a window that uses hinges.

What if a room has only one window? You may want to think twice because the air conditioner will block your exit in case there’s a fire.

Be energy efficient
The best units have an energy efficiency rating of 10 or higher. (The scale is 8 to 11.5.) Get a unit with a digital temperature, sleep setting and a variable fan speed and you will conserve power and save on your electric bill, also a very cool thing.

Get a good fit
Most units fit into windows thanks to window extensions and weather stripping, but we can use wood to adapt AC units for unconventional window sizes. If the windowsill is too narrow, we use brackets to make sure everything fits solidly.

We recommend you use a unit that tilts outside to shed condensation.

Share the power
Because window units can use a lot of electricity you don’t want your AC unit operating on the same circuit as a refrigerator or clothes-dryer. We will help you find the best connection to minimize the strain on your electrical system.

Your job is to enjoy the new cool in your room.

Simply call us when autumn arrives and we will take your window unit away for safekeeping until next spring, when the temperatures climb again.