Will your furnace work another winter?

Will your furnace work another winter?

Furnaces are a lot like cars. They usually can run for 15 to 20 years, maybe more if they’re well-maintained. Probably less if they’re neglected.

In general, oil-fueled furnaces have the longest life expectancy, and gas-fired furnaces have the shortest, says Bob Vila, the legendary expert on home repairs, rebuilding and innovations.

Like cars, furnaces need more attention as they age.

“A furnace older than 10 years should get careful attention since most furnace repairs happen during the last quarter of its lifespan,” says Vila, who writes books and posts blogs and vlogs about home maintenance.

Don’t know how old your furnace is? Check the manual or the furnace itself, which has the serial number and date of manufacture.

 And just like a car, a furnace will start showing signs of age.

It may start making unusual noises and require more fuel to get the job done. Check to see for unusual increases in your energy bill.

 An older furnace also will require more repairs and fail to heat rooms as quickly and thoroughly as it once did.

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