Why is my AC unit leaking? We have answers. Call us if you have a leaking AC in NYC or L.I.

Why is my AC unit leaking? We have answers. Call us if you have a leaking AC in NYC or L.I.

Why is my AC unit leaking? We have answers. Call us if you have a leaking AC in NYC or L.I.

There are several reasons why an air-conditioner may leak. Some are quick fixes while others are more complicated.

Once you realize you have a leak you should turn off the thermostat. This will prevent more leaking.

Then the search begins to find the source of the leak. The likely suspects:

The drain line is clogged
Here’s the most likely cause. Dirt, debris and mold can accumulate in the line and cause stoppages. We have special equipment that will clear away the blockage and restore your line to full service.

The drain pan is rusted or has a hole in it
A drain pan can wear out from age, especially if it’s been in use for a decade or so. It will develop cracks and holes. A new drain pan solves this problem.

The filter is dirty
It’s one of those things that many people hate to do, but you need to change the filter periodically, at least once every month or two in hot weather. Otherwise the filter gets clogged with debris, mites, particles and other junk, which can lead to the evaporator getting so cold it freezes. Yes, freezing does happen in New York City in the summer when an AC unit is getting major use! A new filter should cure the problem.

The refrigerant is low
Now we’re getting into the costly repairs.
Sometimes the leak can be repaired, but if it’s too serious you may need to replace the entire system.

How do you know if the system is low on refrigerant?
1) The house isn’t cooling well.
2) There’s a bubbling or hissing sound, a sign the refrigerant is leaking.

The condensate pump died
For heating and air conditioning systems installed in a basement there is a “condensate pump” which sends the water outside. But it stops pumping when it breaks. The pump must be fixed or replaced.

The system was installed poorly
A central air-conditioner should be level. Otherwise, water will drip over the side of the overflow pan.
If you have a leaky window AC unit, it should be angled slightly so the water drains outside from the back. If not, the water can drip into your house. Or you can get a condensation leak if the seals binding the unit and the window are loose.

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