Why commercial boilers struggle

Why commercial boilers struggle

Commercial boilers are durable, capable of providing steady, worry-free service.


Here are some of the most common causes and fixes for commercial boilers.

Low pressure

Probable causes: Trouble with the thermostat or air pressure. A valve could be blocked or a pump damaged.

Little or no heat

Probable causes: Burners are struggling due to dust or debris clogging the system. Other possibilities: pump damage, broken thermostat or an erratic ignition.


Probable causes: condensation, corrosion or weakened parts or material.

Unusual noises

Probable causes: snafus with air intake, exhaust, gas piping, gas pressure or limescale buildup.

You want to make sure your periodic boiler check-ups take limescale into account. It’s bad news for a boiler because it can cut water flow, cause blockages and reduce heat transfer efficiency. Attentive maintenance can keep it from causing problems.

The skilled technicians at Lighthouse can help keep your boiler running efficiently and smoothly. We service and install commercial and residential boilers.