When your PTAC won’t work properly

When your PTAC won’t work properly

Packaged terminal air conditioners have a lingo of their own to tell you they’re in trouble.

A crackling noise means there could be a short-circuit in the system.

A broken fan blade will hum; a broken bracket or component can trigger a vibration; and a wheezing sound tells you that a dirty filter or a clog is affecting the airway.

PTACs, common in so many motel and hotel rooms, have other problems in common with the HVAC systems in homes and businesses. These include dirty filters, icing and thermostats that can wear out.

Water leakage can be a concern for PTACs, especially if the room is not occupied for several days and the leak goes undetected. The moisture can damage floors and lead to health problems like mold. For this reason, owners should maintain PTACs regularly to avert problems.


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