What a furnace checkup gets you

What a furnace checkup gets you

When you consider a furnace check-up, be sure to ask what it includes, and get it in writing.

An in-depth furnace inspection will examine all furnace parts – thermostat, filters, ignition switch and more.

It will include a cleaning of the heat exchanger and a survey for cracks, leaks or other potential snafus.

Other areas to be inspected and repaired if needed: the blower motor, the chimney, caps and bearings, and carbon monoxide detectors.

If your furnace runs on oil, the filter and nozzle need to be replaced annually.


This checkup will give you a report card on your furnace’s status and ensure that everything has been done to prepare it for cold snaps and icy temperatures.

And you will have a sense of security, knowing that your family has the safest, best possible weather protection.

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