What a boiler check should include

What a boiler check should include

Here’s a checklist to keep handy when a technician conducts a maintenance check on the boiler in your home or business.

Every boiler – No matter the type of boiler, the tech should inspect the water and air temperature settings to make sure they are operating at peak efficiency at the temperature you want. He should look for signs of deterioration in the chimney and the vent connection pipe and look for leaks in the pipes and heat exchangers.

Hot Water Boiler – A maintenance check of a hot water boiler should include inspection of the pressure tank and a test of the pressure relief valve. The tech should clean the heat exchanger, a key part of the furnace. It provides the warm air inside your building.


Steam boiler – With a steam boiler the tech should check all safety controls, drain enough water to remove sediment, add chemicals to the water after conducting an analysis, and clean the heat exchanger.

Help your boiler – Boilers last 15-30 years, but you can take relatively simple steps to maintain its efficiency and perhaps extend its life. Clean the chimney and add weather stripping to doors and caulk windows to keep the heat inside. A chimney cleaning will remove creosote, which can catch on fire. The National Fire Protection Association recommends periodic inspections and a cleaning if needed.

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