We Know How to Repair Mini-Splits in New York, Long Island

We Know How to Repair Mini-Splits in New York, Long Island

We Know How to Repair Mini-Splits in New York, Long Island

Our technicians are trained to repair mini-splits, which require a different level of knowledge from traditional air conditioning units.

Mini-splits, which have little or no ductwork, operate more like computers than old-school AC systems – just as today’s automobile doesn’t resemble the one Grandpa drove.

This advanced training makes our techs adept at installing, maintaining and repairing Fujitsu and Mitsubishi mini-splits, heat pumps and your other heating and cooling equipment whether you live in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan or Long Island.

Poor installation, incidentally, is a not-uncommon source of problems down the road, so be sure your installer has training to properly install your mini-split system.

Mini-splits are reliable and durable, but even they have problems on occasion.

Lighthouse HVAC technicians can diagnose and solve mini-split problems – refrigerant leaks, ice, water drips, poor cooling or heating, failure to respond to remote control, and “short cycling,” for examples:

“Short cycling” is the term for those occasions when the system turns itself on and off every few minutes, whether you want it on or not. This indicates a problem with the electrical system, something that needs prompt attention. Otherwise, the constant on-off action will tax the system, waste energy and shorten the system’s life expectancy – while failing to give you the temperature you desire.

Just about every HVAC system makes odd sounds from time to time, but call us if your mini-split makes a grinding noise. The air handler’s bearings may be aging badly and need replacement. The air handler motor needs good bearings or it could overheat and burn out.

When an indoor unit leaks water you may have a drain hose that is not performing properly. This situation can spell big trouble because the leak can permeate the wall and weaken support for the unit.

Ice buildup can indicate problems with the fan, blower wheel, control board, motor, refrigerant level or dirty components.

Refrigerant leaks can cause the system to stop or reduce cooling and affect the whole mini-split system. Our employees have high-tech tools to detect the leaks, repair them and restore refrigerant to the proper level.

If you run into any problems with your mini-split, please call Lighthouse HVAC at (646)-442-1556

Our three vans, all stocked with parts, respond quickly to calls in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Long Island.

Our techs will track down the source of the trouble, then explain your options and work for a quick, cost-effective solution.

Lighthouse, based in Brooklyn, is licensed and insured. We provide emergency heating and air-conditioning repairs 24/7. We also install and maintain residential and commercial HVAC.