Tune up HVAC now And sleep more easily

Tune up HVAC now And sleep more easily

Peace of mind.

That’s a big benefit of having periodic maintenance of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

You can rest assured that Lighthouse technicians will check the HVAC system from top to bottom, making sure parts are clean and functioning in optimal order.

If parts are wearing down, the techs will tell you about options and make sure any needed parts are delivered as quickly as possible. (While our techs carry as many parts as possible in their vehicles, some parts may be on back order due to shortages and chain supply delays. Maintenance now averts a wait later.)

What’s involved?

Our preventive maintenance covers your system from top to bottom:

We clean coils and the condensate drain, lubricate all moving parts, test the thermostat and controls, tighten connections, measure and adjust refrigeration levels and inspect the blower motor and belts.

There’s more, lots more, that we do in a maintenance check:

We flush and clean the drain line and trap, inspect filters and safety devices, test emergency shutoffs, examine the ductwork, check the carbon monoxide level, test parts for wear and tear, and look for leaks and cracks in the heat exchanger and other components.

One more Lighthouse advantage:

Our licensed technicians arrive on time for appointments, answer your questions politely and offer options and plenty of information if your system has a problem.

A sense of security

Their work will leave you feeling better about the heating and cooling system so vital to you and your family. You may still have things to worry about, but HVAC won’t be one of them!

Lighthouse technicians serve Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Long Island. Lighthouse HVAC is a locally owned business that guarantees its work.