Trade gas furnace for heat pump?

Trade gas furnace for heat pump?

Yes, you can replace a gas furnace with a heat pump and come out ahead, especially considering safety and long-term savings.

And don’t forget the environmental benefits. Heat pumps, which run on electricity, are more environmentally friendly than furnaces that burn gas or oil. Furnaces may be more energy-efficient in the dead of winter, but heat pumps are a better choice most of the year.

And heat pumps provide air conditioning, so you have two systems in one!


• Heat pumps often can use the same ducts already in place for your furnace.

• Your electrical wiring may require an upgrade to accommodate a heat pump.

• Heat pumps are less expensive to install than gas furnaces.

• Heat pumps are safer — no combustion problems, gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning or threat of fire.

• State and federal programs offer significant subsidies to people who buy heat pumps.

Lighthouse technicians are skilled at installing heat pumps in homes and businesses. They are licensed and insured.