Tank-less heaters offer some big advantages in speed, efficiency

Tank-less heaters offer some big advantages in speed, efficiency

Tank-less heaters offer some big advantages in speed, efficiency

Tired of waiting for hot water? You want lower utility bills? You want to get rid of that big, ugly water storage tank?

Then consider a tank-less water heater, also known as demand-type or instantaneous water heater because the hot water appears instantaneously. Tank-less work well with natural gas, propane and electric models,

It will be much more energy efficient than the traditional storage tank water heater. That’s because it makes hot water only as you use it while a traditional water heater may be keeping water warm 24/7.

Tank-less can be as much as 24 percent to 34 percent more energy efficient than the storage tank model, according to Energy.gov, the website for the U.S. Department of Energy. That means significant savings on your utility bills.

Tank-less systems last 20 or more years, while traditional tanks wear out after 10-15 years and then go to the landfill. And tank-less systems carry longer warranties -– one less headache for you.

Tank-less costs, payback
Tank-less costs more than a traditional tank water heater, but you will recover that money with reduced utility bills. And you will be doing your part to reduce energy usage.

How do you know what size tank-less water heater to get? Look at the unit’s GPM – the gallons per minute that it delivers. The higher the GPM, the more hot water it can deliver. For comparison sake, remember than a typical shower used approximately 2.5GPM.

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