Preventive maintenance pays!

Preventive maintenance pays!

Preventive maintenance pays!

Worn belts replaced? Check.

Refrigerant inspected for leaks? Check.

Airflow tested for proper speed? Check.

These are just a few of the items we handle when we conduct preventive maintenance of your home heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system. The inspection will reduce your worries and give you a more efficient, longer lasting HVAC system, with cleaner indoor air and lower energy bills, too.

While a homeowner can do basics like change filters and remove debris from the outside unit, our experienced technicians know how to explore the complicated machinery, cleaning it and making sure it isn’t vulnerable to unexpected breakdown. They know how to test the system and all the components -- fan motor, motors, assemblies, vents, ductwork and much more.

This maintenance pays big results for you:

Energy efficiency. Cleaning and checking the AC’s coils, fins and other parts keep it working consistently. One warning sign that it’s not working well: Your monthly energy bill keeps rising.

Would you rather have mediocre air and bigger utility bills or have preventive maintenance that gives you peace of mind and a better system?

Cleaner air. HVAC equipment gathers all sorts of items – dust, particulates, bacteria, mold and allergens – that can slow the system’s operation and inject contaminants into your home. These can range from pet dander to germs to smoke, which cause problems for people – especially children and the elderly -- who have respiratory problems, allergies or asthma.

A cleaner HVAC system, just like a person with clear lungs, works better. The energy cost will skyrocket when a dirty system must struggle, working harder to deliver the air temperature you prefer and taxing the compressor, the most expensive part in a HVAC unit.

Preventive maintenance also lessens the likelihood of breakdowns – leaks, iced-over coils, or clogs in the system, to name a few potential problems caused by neglect.

It also serves as proof to the manufacturer that you have regularly maintained the system – a requirement for many warranties on parts.

Lighthouse HVAC serves Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. Our technicians are trained, licensed and insured, up-to-date on all government and industry codes, and they consult with customers before making any changes