Need AC relief? Consider the mini…

Need AC relief? Consider the mini…

A ductless mini-split air conditioner can solve a lot of problems when it comes to cooling and heating your home or business.

It’s very energy-efficient. It works especially well in homes without ductwork or areas that need better climate control – small apartments, garages, workspaces, and back rooms not connected to central heat or air.

The ductless mini-split unit is designed with space concerns in mind, often an issue for New York housing. You can have it mounted on a wall, put flush with the ceiling or hung from the ceiling.

And you can control it remotely!

Down side

The upfront cost is always a concern, but the energy efficiency will mean reduced utility bills and ultimate, long-term savings. And your energy efficiency will be helping the environment, too.

By eliminating ductwork you will save a huge amount of conditioned air that often escapes through damaged or displaced ducts.

Get the right size

A professional contractor can help you pick the best size unit for you. Selecting the right size is more complicated than most people realize.

A smart contractor understands the importance of not only the size but the placement of the unit. Otherwise you may have problems with short cycling, wasted energy, humidity and temperature control.

When you want an experienced, smart technician, call Lighthouse HVAC. 718-568-7562. Our techs install mini-split systems right the first time.