HVAC diagnostics pay results

HVAC diagnostics pay results

Diagnostic tests take time but they reveal the inner workings and flaws in your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

Trained technicians use diagnostic tests to measure numerous factors that may not be visible to the naked eye in today’s technologically complex HVAC systems.

Have you ever looked under the hood of a newer car and marveled at its components? It’s a far cry from the 1960s, when a layperson could easily understand what was under the hood of a car. The same applies to modern HVAC.

HVAC diagnostic tests measure compression, voltage, airflow, static pressure, equipment temperature change, coil pressure, fan airflow and other factors. Sometimes only one or two tests may be needed; other times several may be conducted to track down a particularly complicated problem.

Lighthouse technicians are skilled in using diagnostics tests to smartly solve problems in residential and commercial buildings.