How Lighthouse HVAC services commercial boilers in New York City and Long Island

How Lighthouse HVAC services commercial boilers in New York City and Long Island

How Lighthouse HVAC services commercial boilers in New York City and Long Island

Commercial boilers do great work, but they require periodic maintenance to reduce the likelihood of breakdown and insure a long, efficient life.

As Travelers Insurance notes: “The frequency of common boiler issues, such as inefficient burner operation, cracking, dry fire, and pilot failure, may be reduced with proper attention. Their dependability and efficiency is contingent upon these tasks being performed both properly and regularly. With the rising costs of fuel and equipment it pays to be proactive in caring for your boiler.”

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Here’s some of what our licensed, experienced techs do when they service your commercial boiler:

Inspect the heat exchanger, all coils, fans, blowers, safety valves and other devices. This includes thorough examination of the wiring, which may need cleaning. Hardened or melted wires indicate overheating and should be replaced.

Clean the atmospheric burners, the blower motor, sight glasses, burner assembly, igniter and flame sensors.

Test the air switch, water pH level, combustion, low water cutoffs, pilot turndown and the vessel.

Examine the pilot assembly, controls and pressure switches, which may require cleaning.

Open and clean both the waterside and the fireside.

Some clues we seek

A smart technician knows what to look for in the way of potential danger signs. Here are a few examples:

Soot in the flue passage indicates the system may lack enough combustion air or is “running rich.”

Moisture in the vent pipe is a sign that the system is not running hot enough.

White power indicates acidic condensate that can erode the vent pipe.

Hardened or melted wires are caused by overheating.

Finally, no inspection is complete until our technician makes sure the equipment is working correctly.

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