Help your AC through NYC summers

Help your AC through NYC summers

All the summer heat takes a toll on air conditioners just as it does on people, animals and gardens.

The higher the temperature, the harder your AC system must labor to help you beat the heat.

That extra work can shorten an AC’s system’s life expectancy, but you can take a few easy steps to reinforce its durability.

Change filters

Make sure the filter isn’t old, dirty, bent or clogged. If it is, the air will struggle to get through it.

Clean outside unit

Weeds, vines and branches can accumulate on and around the outside unit, hurting air flow. In a few minutes you can remove this debris and make sure no shrubbery is within 2 feet of the unit, where it can slow air speed.

Also, take a garden hose and wash the coils. Dirty coils hurt a system’s efficiency.

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