Heat pumps: 3 more advantages

Heat pumps: 3 more advantages

Energy efficiency isn’t the only reason to install a heat pump in your home or business.

Heat pumps have other virtues, too, although saving 30 percent or more on your energy bill is a spectacular, great start, especially since major technological improvements mean heat pumps now stand warm and strong against New York winters and keep cool air flowing all through those sticky summer months.

Sounds of (almost) silence

New heat pumps operate much more quietly than radiators that hiss or furnaces that go “Whoosh’ whenever they turn on.

Better, safer air

Heat pumps are especially good at keeping indoor moisture at the right level. They dehumidify well in summer and raise humidity levels in the winter, when low humidity can lead to dry skin, cracked furniture and general discomfort.

Safer, too

No need to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning. Heat pumps don’t use combustion, which can go awry and lead to dangerous leaks.

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