Drafts can hurt furnace efficiency

Drafts can hurt furnace efficiency

There are several possible causes why your utility bill is rising.

Even the best of furnaces lose efficiency – an estimated 5 percent of their effectiveness per year after they are 15 years old.

But another villain could be air drafts that are quietly raising your bill. Air drafts can be created by any manner of cracks and holes in the building’s envelope.

Quick DIY test

An easy way to check for air drafts: Use incense sticks to find any leaks hurting the air tightness.

The tips will glow if there are air leaks. You can then trace the path back to the source of the draft, which could come from loose windows, gaps in construction, blocked vents, doors that are ajar, chimneys and electrical outlets.

If you find no leaks and you’re still unhappy about the furnace’s performance, look for other causes such as dirty filters and ducts or a general lack of maintenance.

A professional furnace service will not only fine-tune and clean your furnace and air filters but also check for carbon monoxide leaks and remove accumulated rust.

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