Don’t get caught with your AC down

Don’t get caught with your AC down

Don’t get caught with your AC down

July may seem far off, but don’t wait to get your air conditioning system in order.

July is generally the hottest month of the year in New York City – 90 degrees or more on about half the days. Oh, and it’s humid, too.

The summer of 2022 was the sixth hottest in recorded history, with the thermometer topping 90 degrees on 30 days at LaGuardia Airport and 24 days at Central Park.

That’s a huge jump from the average July, when the temperature hits 90 degrees or higher about 15 times.

August isn’t much milder. Both July and August ‘22 posted average highs of 84, and June was right behind at 80 degrees.

What to do?

Prepare your AC now. Make sure it doesn’t have any likely weak points that will fail during a heat wave – defined as any stretch of three or more consecutive days when the temps hit 90. (This is also known as the time when there are long, long waiting lists for AC repairs.)

• Do some spring cleaning.

Make sure the air filter is clean and ready to do its job, capturing tiny particles of dust and dirt before they get into your indoor air and cut into the system’s efficiency.

Clean the area around the outside unit, too. Don’t be surprised to find spiders or other varmints lurking around the unit. A garden hose will flush them away. •Make sure no shrubs are so close that they inhibit air flow.

• Give the system a test run. Turn on the thermostat and check to see if the system is putting out cool air. If not, a HVAC technician can find and solve the problem.

Peace of mind

Cover your bases and schedule a spring maintenance check. This includes all aspects of the system: cleaning, lubrication, and testing of components, refrigeration level and air flow, and more.

AC systems are like cars – periodic maintenance helps them run longer and with fewer breakdowns.

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