Check HVAC before buying a home

Check HVAC before buying a home

Yes, the roof, the carpeting and the kitchen backsplash are important, but don’t overlook the HVAC when you’re shopping for a home.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning is expensive, so you want to have an idea how the system will deliver if you buy this property.

A financing institution often requires a housing inspection before authorizing a mortgage, but relatively few home inspectors have expertise in HVAC.

You can hire an HVAC pro, just as some people hire a mechanic to pre-inspect an automobile they plan to buy. Or you can do some detective work yourself.


The system will tell you some things in black and white. You can google its serial number and quickly learn how old it is.

Maintenance records? HVAC techs often post a sticker on the system with the date of the last visit.

HVAC longevity depends on usage and maintenance, but you probably want a system as new as possible.

Older systems lack the energy-efficiency technology that modern HVAC offers. But that up-to-date technology means higher prices upfront, with savings down the road.

Ideally, you will find an HVAC system that is only a few years old and in great working order.

Still on the fence? Hire an HVAC pro to inspect the system and tell you everything that’s good or bad about the system.

Lighthouse techs aren’t just excellent at HVAC. They’re also excellent at punctuality; they won’t keep you waiting!