Boiler leak? Solutions here

Boiler leak? Solutions here

Boiler leaks can be caused by a variety of factors.

One reason is the nature of a boiler, which constantly heats and cools. This frequent contraction and expansion may lead to a stress fracture and a leak.

• A boiler must handle a large quantity of water. If the pressure builds too much, you can have a leak – or worse. (If the boiler gauge is red instead of green, you need to call a professional immediately.)

• With so much hot water flowing, corrosion is a potential cause of leaks.

• Other possibilities: The fittings are off or the rubber seals have worn down.

How to fix it

Safety is Job 1 when it comes to dealing with a leaky boiler full of hot water. Turning off the water and the heat will reduce the threat.

A boiler professional will drain the water from the boiler and search until he finds the leak.

Tightening the joints, applying sealant and bleeding the boiler are basic steps that can put your boiler back in business.

Lighthouse HVAC technicians are authorities on repairing and installing boilers in homes and businesses. They also offer maintenance checks that can prevent boiler problems.